Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome Home Jack

What a day! Jack arrived about 12:15pm with Don from Tender Loving Canine Rescue. I cried immediately once I saw him get out of the SUV Don was driving. I was beside myself with the idea of having another Eskie in our home again. Seeing a face like Macy's made me grief and in joy. Jack is such a blessing and happy addition to our family! His original name was Jack, then the rescue changed it to Jax. We will call him Jack, after Kevin's beloved grandpa.
This pose reminds me of the one I added to the post about Macy's passing. Gotta love those white Eskie eyelashes! Being a boy... Jack is taller, has a larger face and is super strong! He knows a lot of basic obedience commands and I had to say "heel" when he pulled on the leash. He is well-behaved and is a loving and tender boy. Jack also has pink on his nose and one pink spot on the lower rim of his right eye that makes him very easy to pick out of a crowd of Eskies. LOL! His fur is absolutely luscious! I could eat it! Well, not really...just rub my nose in it and give him tons of Mommy kisses!
The boys played hard! Here they are playing with a toy that lasted about 3 minutes in Jack's jaws. I thought I had bought tough toys, but this one got chewed in half in record time. Wow! We have had to remove all soft and stuffed toys from the boys so that Jack doesn't destroy them. Poor Riley will have to like all the hard toys while they both get through the chewing puppy stage. I got a Kong and Nylabone that can't be chewed in half! Maybe someday they can have the soft snuggly stuffed ones again. For now it's squeaky ones and hard ones.
This is one of Riley's toys that Jack chewed the tassels off of....LOL! It's now just a naked blue bone for them to play with. Here they are in the spare room getting more acquainted before the tassels got chewed off. They had some snarly moments and had to be separated at times. Riley and Jack have had a lot of change today and both have to learn boundaries with each other, learn to share toys and chewies and not bite each other too hard. We heard a few yelps and had to each grab a pup to end the snarly wrestling match. Eek! I think Riley is protecting his things and territory and Jack has figured out already that he's bigger and can pounce Riley's head!
Thank you Lord for the blessing of our new baby boy Eskie. He's such a sweet, sweet boy! He loves his rawhide bone that is chicken flavored. Yum!

Big boy checking out the neighborhood. The woodwork was already marked up some from Macy's nails, so now Jack can continue the "guard dog" pose and make some more marks. LOL! He is super energetic and curious. He will need lots of walks and playing time.
Excuse the eye booger on the right eye, but here you can see the pink rim on his right eye. That's his unique mark that let's me know he's mine. :)
This morning to get ready for Big Brother....Riley had a good bath and brushing. Isn't he such a handsome little brother? LOL! He was so worn out after his bath and getting dried with the hair dryer that he took a nap! I figured out if I put Riley up on the toilet seat he will stay still for grooming. Except for the leap he took over my shoulder today. He landed and we both looked at each other like "what just happened?". He is fast! LOL! I also discovered the trick to cutting his nails is to do it while he sleeps. When he's asleep he ignores everything and can't bite me!
Two brothers wrestling by the Christmas tree. Neither of them bugs the tree! Yeah!
Mr. Mischievous! Gotta love that look! He will get used to the camera REAL quick. I'm a scrapbooker who loves to take pics of her babies!
I might not be blogging too much this week with the pups getting adjusted and the Christmas to-do list and get-togethers. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for reading my blog and letting me share my blessings on here with you!


Lisa said...

Your baby boys are beautiful! The pics are great and you are a true mom cause we love to take pictures of our "babies".
Those boys are wonderfully blessed to have such loving parents as you and Kevin.
Your home will be filled with much love this Christmas and throughout the coming year!
Love ya' all!

Adina said...

Wow! Your babies are gorgeous! I am very happy for you and Kevin.
Take care,