Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping the Peace

One Yorkichon in his kennel, plus one Eskie outside the kennel still equals feisty boys! I tell you what....I think Kevin and I have said "NO!", "QUIT!" and "STOP!" more times than not in hopes to keep these crazy dogs from snapping, nipping and biting. They play fight, but sometimes it gets out of hand and we have to keep the peace. LOL! They are nutty! I think each of them is trying to figure out who is the boss of this outfit! :)
They both still find ways to aggrevate each other despite attempts to give one the priviledge of being outside his kennel at quiet time. They are just like toddlers who need quiet time to regroup and quit bugging the other "brother". LOL! I let them do this long enough to capture the evidence of their love on camera. LOL!
I discovered today that the empty cardboard tube from the aluminum foil gets their attention. This isn't really used to hit the pups, but rather to hit my other hand and make a noise that gets their attention. I love that they have such energy and that they genuinely seem to like each other. However....gotta keep the peace in puppy land now. LOL!
This look says it all...ornery! When I dried Riley's hair Saturday, I must have brushed forward. His eyebrow hair keeps lopping forward and he looks like a grandpa! I have to take him to the groomer soon to get his facial hair trimmed nicely. Then, he and his real brother Tucker will have matching looks. :)
Jack and Riley both love rawhides. However....despite having SEVERAL to choose from, they fight to have the SAME one. Yep, it's time for growling, sneaking stealing or down right snarling when it comes to getting what the other has. Yikes! "NO!" "QUIT!" "STOP!"...and then some. LOL! Jack likes to tackle Riley and be rough and tough big brother. Riley likes to creep up and do a sly sneak attack to get what is literally in Jack's mouth. Whole lotta yelping going on if one gets the other's face too hard when biting. Ouch!
Ahhhhhhh....the bliss of harmony among brothers. This is an aerial shot of them in the hallway with DIFFERENT rawhides and perfectly peaceful. *sigh* LOLLLLLLL! Love my boys!

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