Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Highlights

Whew! What a busy weekend! We've had a nice Christmas holiday sharing time with both of our families. My last post was a few pics from time at my parents' house. These pics below are from the Simmons' get-together and the boys with their goodies on Sunday. :)
Kevin's mom collects angels. She has her entire tree decorated with angel ornaments. Despite the few spots where her lights weren't working, this tree is stunning in person!
I love this one. It is sparkly in person and just delicate and pretty on her tree.
After their beloved Eskie died in 2000, Kevin's mom found this Eskie angel ornament. It sort of has a new meaning to me this year since we no longer have our sweet Macy.
Riley and Jack got to meet Aunt Lisa (Kevin's sister) and Uncle Randy for the first time Saturday. They loved them both! Riley is easier to pick up since he's only 5 pounds right now so they snuggled with him before we left.
Uncle Randy got a good chin cleaning from little Riley. He had lots of puppy kisses to give!
Jack and Riley had vet appointments Saturday morning. Riley got his last puppy booster shots and was groggy most of the day. He slept 99% of the time we were over there. Jack was pretty gentle since his brother didn't feel good so he chewed toys and laid around, too. Oh, but that was only after he sniffed every square inch of the kitchen for crumbs! LOL! They were both so very good while we visited. OH and Jack weighs 20.1 pounds and was super healthy!
Super tired Jack among all the boxes and gift bags! He loved all the attention at Grandma and Gramps' house. The cats hid upstairs and we put up the baby gate so they wouldn't bug them.
Since they rested so much Saturday, the boys were up super early at 5am today! Kevin was up with us, but after things got really quiet, this is where I found him. Hmm...ya think he was watching the pups? Uh, no! LOL! I had opened the curtains and plugged in the tree. It was pitch black outside at 5am! We ended up napping in bed 'til about 9:30am. We didn't go to church. I made pancakes and we are going to hang out in our jammies all day. *snore*
The boys got quite the loot! Wow! Most of them are put up for a rainy day or when Jack won't tear up soft toys. See Riley's other new jacket on the bottom left? LOL! This isn't even all they got from both families. These boys are spoiled already! Good! They are so loved!
Jack got a Giggle Ball. It makes the silliest sound. Riley can't put it in his mouth, so Jack is a turkey and plays keep away. When he runs it goes "bloip, bloip, bloip". Yeah, say that fast three times. LOL!
This tug toy was in Jack's stocking. He already chewed through the yellow rope, so it's bye bye with the other toys for when they are older. He has super strong teeth!
Well, I'm off to do laundry and get things ready for my short work week. All three of my boys are napping. Whew! It's nuts here with two pups, but oh so joyous! :) I gotta go develop some pics so I can get to scrapbooking again! Whew! I'm behind on sharing anything crafty on my blog!
Hope each of you enjoyed a Christ-filled happy holiday season!

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Anonymous said...

My Shelby is jealous! All she got was a stocking full.. Also, if Jack likes to chew, I found the best bones are called Chew-Eez.. I have tried everything, and these are not raw hide, so they are totally safe even when unattended! Your boys sure are cute!! I got a Cricut with all my JoAnn gift cards from Christmas, and it has been so much fun! Talk to you soon! Take care! Valerie