Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mr. Handsome

I originally wanted the title of this page to be Mr. Handsome, but never found the right stickers in my stash. At first I didn't have the hideous arrow, then added it, then couldn't take it off. Sheesh! I am trying to be creative, but it ain't happenin'. At least the subject matter is adorable and he is quite handsome. *sigh* It looks kinda goofy at the corners, but that's the vanilla paper pack I leaned the page up against. The page has rounded corners, but isn't mounted to the vanilla. (click for a closer look at the page if you dare) I figure Un-do Adhesive Remover just might be in the agenda for this page.
His name is created using some of my fabric letters from Joann Fabrics. The cute schoolhouse title strip is from my sweet mom. :)
Isn't he handsome?! He is Mr. Super Sporty in his handsome jacket. :)
All curled up on the big bed. Looks all sweet until.................
...chomp!!!! Ahhhhhh...these puppy teeth have been my constant battle lately. If it moves,
he'll bite it...including the hands that feed him, bathe him, and give him lots of love. LOL! And, yes....most everything in our house is now on the ceiling, but he still manages to find something to chomp on....LOL!
The next layout I started about him is already better than the first disaster. I just have to get my dog layout mojo going again. I have a new subject matter and all boy stuff to deal with. I have pages of Macy I still need to finish, but honestly, I am not ready. I just bawled uncontrollably the other day while cleaning up my craft area.....her picture and a layout that needs done was in one of the piles and I just lost my emotions all over again. *sniffle*
We will most likely get to meet Jax this weekend. I sure hope a big brother for Riley will be under our tree this year. Ruff Ruff!
We have the Christmas party for my work on Monday, Bible Study Tuesday, meeting Wednesday at work, then hopefully finishing details for Jax to visit. I'll try to finish the other Riley page and have something crafty this week. If December is slow mojo/not-real-crafty month, well....just stay tuned. It has to get better. I just have to do what I do in between puppy chomps, naps, potty breaks and the usual life stuff.

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Lolita said...

He is so cute. You can just see the "devil" in him. Can he go on a play date with PBR?