Monday, December 8, 2008

Annual Christmas Party

Kevin and I went to the annual Christmas party for the practice tonight. It was a lot of fun since Dr. D had "Magic Mike" do the entertainment. Here are a few highlights from today.

Our practice manager decorated all the envelopes with the bonus checks in them. It was nice because the docs handed them out one by one. They are so good to us!
Magic Mike started his routine with some juggling and pulling this very long strand of colored rings from his mouth. He joked that it is hard to get it wound back up for the next time. LOL!
He had several people participate. I chose this picture to protect the identity of the humiliated doctor from our practice. Notice the plunger on his head. Magic Mike does do real magic tricks, but he also said it's his job to make fun of those he calls up front. LOL! He did a great job.
This is Mr. Slipper Thief. When I came home at lunch I had my slippers in the kitchen, then when I turned around one was missing. Hmmm....should have guessed who had it! LOL!
When all is said and done, I love him THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS much....even though he's ornery! :)

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