Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mohican Wilderness Campground

This past weekend, I visited Mohican Wilderness Campground. My sister and Phil were camping there with part of Phil's family. Here are the highlights:
Tom and Phil....two crazy brothers! Notice who went tubing and who didn't....the redder of the two! Phil was hurting that night, but the nut didn't use sunscreen! Duh!
I was there on Saturday and in the evening we just hung out by the fire while Phil cooked dinner and we watched the sun go down. So very peaceful!
Earlier that afternoon, we went tubing on the Mohican River. Our journey was about 5 miles and so much fun! Gotta love that you can get the River Rat tubes at Wal-Mart for only $9! Kevin had to work, so he will go tubing with Rhonda, Phil and I another time.
This is the food stash! Some things were kept cold on ice and the largest tub was filled with homebaked cookies, rice krispie treats and lots of other yummy campsite foods.
Their site was along the bank of the river. I've never camped, but would love to join them next time.
This is the "natural clothesline". ha ha Bathing suits and wash cloths. Whatever works!
Phil's brother brought his dog, Harley. He is a good camper and kept getting in the river to get cooled off.
Phil's daughter, Chelsea and her friend Felicia. Both such beautiful girls! Oh, to be 15 years old again and have the skin of a baby! :)
Phil's nephew, Brandon and Phil's son, Philip. They are both 18. They both made me laugh several times. Such cute young men!
Rhonda and Philip
Phil chopping onions. He is quite the chef, I must say! He seasons most things with a gallon of butter and boy does everything taste yummy. He has worked in the food/catering business for years and sure knows his stuff! He and Rhonda were so generous to let me stay for supper and eat marinated chicken breast, sauteed squash and baked potatoes. Yum!!!!
Phil's brother and sister-in-law....George and Teri. Teri is building the kebabs here.
Rhonda and I after a day of tubing on the river, then showers at the shower house. We were both happily exhausted and a bit sunburned. Worth it!
The boys' tent. This one is so primitive-looking and just kind of cracked me up.
Kebabs on the campfire. George, Teri, Tom and Brandon ate these. Phil cooked everyone's food. Phil's family has camped at Mohican Wilderness since 1974 so he knows the place like the back of his hand. It was so nice seeing all the families there, enjoying time together. They were biking, hiking, tubing, grilling, playing games and soaking up the sun. Camping might just be a great adventure I try out next summer. :)

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Connie said...

Looks like you all had a great time and why does food always taste better cooked on an open fire?