Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easter 2010 Layout

Slowly but surely I am sharing various layouts I've done. Here's the one from Easter. Thanks for stopping by!

WW Update: Well, I had hit a road block on the weight loss (aka plateau!!!)....only because I lost my mojo a bit. I was teetering between the same two pounds and am jump-started again (mentally and physically). I have 13 more to reach my goal of 50 pounds. I started this week with a great workout at the Y Monday night and then....get this....I GOT UP AT 6AM TO WALK/RUN ON TUESDAY, PLUS DID ZUMBA THAT NIGHT! Oh, yeah. My muscles are feeling it. However, I have 59 days from today until my 20-year class reunion and I am determined to be 13 pounds lighter. I will be crackin' the whip again today. Gotta kick butt on those last 13 pounds. If I can do this, anyone can. Man is it hard, but it will all be worth it. *sigh* Ok, now off to kick some calories' butts! :)

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