Monday, July 5, 2010

Backyard Bandits

This is what ornery looks like. If you ever have one of these at your house, beware. It will bite, chase, whine and catch dead things in the yard. It usually comes with a quiet, yet cunning accomplice. To read about the latest Backyard Bandit adventure, scroll down.'s not for the faint of heart. LOL!
Yep, it's a dead baby mole. Got it right out of Riley's mouth. EWWW!! But if you look closely, he really is just a cute tiny creature. He has no eyes, and long sharp fingernails. Who can resist that little snout with the whiskers? I know, you can. But, I still had to show you what icky stuff these two dogs are getting into lately. EWWW! At first, I thought it was a mouse. EEEKKKK!
Once I confiscated the plaything, they went right back to that spot. Weirdos!
This is a happy little baby under the hostas. He has about four more siblings hanging out with him. I couldn't figure out why Riley wouldn't leave the hostas alone. He could SMELL the babies! Now it's a constant battle to keep him out of this flowerbed behind the garage. I have to tell you that he got this bunny, but I grabbed Riley's neck and told him NOOOOOO! He dropped it after it squealed for mercy and ran through the fence. Thank goodness Kevin found him later and put him back in the hostas. BAD RILEY!!! I thought I was going to be burying a baby bunny for sure. He is ruthless! I'm not sure if it's the "kill" he's after or the adventure of catching something in general. Either way, I just know it's going to be a LONG summer keeping him away from these adorable babies. :(
I thought he was just "sniffing", then right after I snapped this picture he grabbed the baby! I felt so BAD! Thankfully, Jack isn't interested in the bunnies. Whew! Otherwise, I'd have TWO dogs on leashes just to go out and go potty. I am worn out already!

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