Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holly's Card Class-July

These are all from Holly's last card class. I had to change up this first one. I had done it wrong at Holly's, so I tore it apart and mounted it to some ivory cardstock. The rest are as she had designed them. The natural lighting at dusk makes some of the colors look duller than real life. Sorry.

This card opens to reveal the die-cut shape inside. It's hard to tell here that it is inside the card and not part of the outside detail. Make sense?
On this one, she had us punch out three butterflies, then layer them in a way that it makes a flower. How clever!
My newest adventure? Well, hmm...I have been getting up at the CRACK of dawn (aka before 6am) to walk/jog in the neighborhood. I have been trying to exercise twice daily in order to jump start my metabolism again and try to get off these last 13 pounds. I usually do the second workout at the Y where the weights are and their treadmills rock! I WANT that 50 pound award at WW bad! REAL BAD! I just feel like the scale is sitting still. I am going to keep tracking what I eat, keep movin' this body and surely it will pay off soon. So, better get some shut eye. I have a date with the sunrise tomorrow. God keeps me moving! Here's a great song from Natalie Grant called You Move Me. Click HERE. The music starts at about 17 seconds into the video. Enjoy! It reminds me that with Him I can do this! He moves me!

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