Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun in Akron

I went to Akron on Wednesday to spend the night with Brooke. We ate dinner at Rockne's (holy cow, yum!), then went to the movies. I never go to the movies, so it was nice to see one on the big screen. Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It kind of left us all scratching our heads, but it was still nice to go to the movies. Here are some highlights from my trip:
The Queens of Goofy Faces....just before the movie began in the theater. Not sure why, but we are always compelled to make goofy faces, then laugh. :) You know me, I've always got my camera with me for silly shots and photo ops.
After the movie, doing our best "ladies with guns" pose. We are proud to be weirdos! The expression on Brooke's face cracks me up. hee hee You'll have to click on the picture for a close up.
It's been so long since I've been to the theater that this sign just cracked me up. These were all over the theater, plus they asked everyone to turn off cell phones about 4 times during the previews. Why are people so rude that they have to be told 80 times to turn off their phones? Geesh. Kinda sad.
Luqi---(pronounced Luke-ey). He was adopted from a family that was moving into an apartment where dogs aren't allowed. He's an American Eskimo/Chow mix. He is a goofy, dopey, fun-loving, and very energetic boy! He became my buddy pretty fast. I love his white stripe on his head and chest. He also has four white paws...little mittens! :)
Here's Brooke with Brodie. He is a Chihuahua/Corgi mix. Brooke adopted him from a family that didn't want him...literally. He was the last of the litter and considered a "less than optimal" dog. Whatever! It is so obvious that he was abused and he is terrified of everyone and everything...except Brooke now. He is on Prozac, but is still having major fear issues. Bless his heart. He was hiding here to get away from Luqi who wanted to play too much. I hope he comes out of his shell eventually. He is a cutie patootie! And, shame on his previous owners who harmed his little soul. He and Luqi are buddies and it was neat to see them play together. I just don't understand how anyone could hurt a pup like that. Grrr....
On Thursday, we went to the Monroe Falls Metro Park after eating breakfast at Waffle House (yummo!). It has a man-made lake and areas for grilling, picnic tables, etc. It was a hot, sunny day and we slathered on the suncreen. Brooke is a gorgeous warm tan color and I am, well...a mixture of albino and pink I guess. ha ha I really am just one big freckle farm now. I don't tan, I burn....and freckle. *sigh*
Guess the lake water made us goofy. Like my potato chip? We kept taking several of these and just laughing at our hairdos. Lots of laughs with my beautiful niece! Warmed my heart.
Brooke and her boyfriend, Abdul. I thought this was a cute picture of them together. He was a gentleman and paid for our breakfast and admission to the park. :) Sweet!
A view of the lake from our picnic table. The lake has a sandy bottom so it wasn't too gross under our feet. If we thought we "felt" something in the water, we'd squeal. It was probably just a leaf, but there are fish in there, too. Eww! Next time, I'm taking my tube to float in. This was a very nice place and it was refreshing to see so many families spending quality time together.
We grilled hot dogs and had a little picnic. The heat and fun in the water left us happily exhausted. After we got back home, I took a shower then headed out. I stopped by Michael's and Archivers for some scrapbook retail therapy before heading home. I had such a fun trip to Akron! :)

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