Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Craft Farm-Part II

We have to have a least one major wacky joke per trip. Connie provided us lots of laughs with this t-shirt. :) We had to keep our girly figures in check so we did request a light menu for the weekend. There were some splurges, but overall it was tasty, yet healthy. I didn't take pics of all the food, but here are some highlights.
Friday lunch was homemade veggie soup and grilled cheese paninis. I dipped mine in salsa. Yumm-O! Mr. Bear took this photo opportunity to show his appreciation for the good food. Basically he looks passed out, but he was smiling. I promise. ha
Ken made his to-die-for yummy homemade pizza on Friday night. There were four varieties: cheese, pepperoni, chicken bacon ranch and ham/pineapple. Yep, I ate too much and then some! Yumm-O! Made the perfect late night snack, too. Just ask me how I know. *blush*
Saturday lunch was salad bar and baked potato bar. My WW leader would be proud of this lunch. :) If you haven't had the baked Ruffles in the cheddar and sour cream variety...well, try them. Yumm-O!
Now, there HAS to be chocolate somewhere on the menu. We were burning up so many calories scrapbooking that this little beauty HAD to be eaten. It was a triple-layer mint chocolate brownie cake. Yes, go ahead....lick the screen. I'll never tell.
What about these cookies and cream parfaits? *slurp* Just make Jello white chocolate pudding as per box directions. Chill pudding overnight, then stir in crushed Oreos just before serving. Halleluiah! Amen! Gotta love Oreos!
Chocolate comes in many varieties, but have you ever had GLITTERED chocolate bars? Well, Connie left her wrapper open and after shuffling around her glittered papers.....she got this! ha ha I bet that's a first!

Just read the label. Need I say more? Remember what was on the menu, then you'll get it. bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Too funny! I'm not too shy to say I laugh at barking spiders.
On Saturday afternoon, we drove into Somerset to visit the quaint little scrapbook store that is next to Zane Trace Inn (Ken and Christi's other B&B). This little guy greeted us, let me picked him up and gave me a bunch of puppy kisses. His name is Max and he's a Maltese. He is just a few days younger than my Riley. He sort of looks like Riley, except he's all white of course. He is a cutie!
This is the pic I took of the front of the Craft Farm as we drove away on Sunday. Such an overcast day and this pic doesn't do this place justice. The house is way bigger than it looks here. It is a great place in the country to be pampered and relax....oh and to scrapbook, too!
The Craft Farm will accomodate 10 guests, but there were only 6 of us this weekend. Front row: Mom, Me, Joan. Back row: Carol, Megan, Connie. Carol and Megan are mother and daughter and came to visit from Canton, OH. They were so fun and so sweet. I'd love to crop with them again. Might get to since they go to the Akron Archivers now and then. :)
Guests are encouraged to leave a message in the journal. We all put something in there as our visit came to a close. So many good memories here!
I zoomed in on the one pic to show you the t-shirt I got at the quaint little scrapbook store. SMILE.LAUGH.SCRAPBOOK. I think I accomplished all of the above this past weekend. So much fun! Be sure to check back this week for my cards and pages I completed. A few still need journaling, so I'll share them at some point. Also, don't faint that I have posted here again. I know it's been a while. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

I loved this blog entry! I enjoyed seeing what all fun you had! I love how you always have a wise crack in there or two to keep me giggling!! Looked like a great time was had by all!!!