Sunday, March 28, 2010

Santa Boys

Ok, readers...just humor me AGAIN. This is another layout about who else...Jack and Riley. You know if you visit my blog that since I have no kids, you read about dogs. Why do I feel like I'm writing an apology? Sorry, I still will always have dog news or dog celebrations or dog layouts to if you wish.
Anyway....I think it's so stinkin' hilarious to dress dogs up. You can call the animal welfare gang, but if they visited here they'd see that these two pups are more than loved and they'd probably take a picture, too. ha ha I sent the top left pic in our Christmas cards. Aren't they handsome little guys? Click for a closer look at the white captions on each picture. The top right one says "fa la la". You know it looks like he's singing, right? Seriously, I laugh at these dogs so much. How can I not share about them. :)

I've already got my posts set up through Wednesday, so check back for more ideas. :)

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