Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Craft Farm-Part I

Mom and I packed up her Kia and headed on the road about 10am Thursday. We met Joan and Connie closer to Mansfield and followed each other south. We stopped in Columbus and had lunch at Panera Bread, then shopped at Archivers.
My favorite scrapbook buddy. I love you, Mom! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
At my house, the dogs sure were wondering what Momma was up to. I had five bags, plus clothing and overnight stuff. They probably thought I was moving out! Riley was checking out Mr. Bear here. He is a magnet that my co-worker got from a drug rep. He has traveled all over the U.S and even to Canada. He hadn't been anywhere lately, so Vickie let me take him to the Craft Farm.
A girl's gotta take what a girl's gotta take, right? We laid down the back seat and filled 'er up!
This is Charlie. He lives at the Craft Farm. He smelled like skunk, but was otherwise super adorable. He was licking his chops here just wishing he could come in and scrapbook with us. :)
Each guest received a scrapbook caddy and some delicious chocolate! I ate the whole thing!
The crop room seats 10, but we hogged a bit. This is my space on the end and mom and I overflowed onto the table to my right.
...uh and yeah...more stuff in the corner. I overpacked, but oh well. :)
We managed to spread out since we arrived a day earlier than the other two guests. When they came, they had four tables on the end opposite where I sat. Plenty of room for 10, but oh so fun to hog when there's only 6 people!
I wanted to share this unique idea. Joan has saved tags from clothing as an idea of something to add to her pages. I thought that was so cool. Some have neat words or sayings, others are shaped (Ex: the frog). It would also be neat to cut out the tag of your child's fav shirt and add that to a page that has a pic of them wearing it. You'd cut the tags out only if it wasn't being worn anymore or if it was too stained to sell or donate. I just thought that was too cute to not share.
Ok, scroll down to read Craft Farm-Part II. If you want any info on the Craft Farm, be sure to visit their website HERE.

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