Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jack's 2nd Birthday and a Card

This is my fav pic from Jack's birthday. It captures his personality...Mr. "I'm-laid-back-don't-bug-me-or-take-my-picture". He loves to hang out and enjoy life. We certainly feel blessed to have him as our dog.
We bought Frosty Paws dog ice cream for the boy to enjoy on Jack's 2nd birthday (March 25th). Let's just say that nothing could have interrupted this delightful lickfest. :) Slurp, slurp...YUM!

I just love when I get goofy pictures like this one. My dogs make me laugh. Notice the ice cream face on Riley. What a delightful messy face. Yummmmmmmm...

Then, it was back to the bone after the ice cream was all gone. Like a kid, I was on the floor with the dogs. Whatever makes you happy, Natalie....right? Well, these two sure do!!

Mommy loves her pooches! They know it, too!
Jack got some lovin' from his Daddy after the lickfest, too. He just melts in our arms and soaks up all the lovin' we'll dish out. The whole "on the back, paws relaxed" pose is just too funny. Ok, enough typing Mom...more petting please. :)
He was really washing his face like a cat does, but I like to call this one "mom, stop taking my picture!".
On Wednesday, we had sunshine and 60-degree weather. This is what happened Thursday night. Bizarre Ohio weather, I tell ya!! The dogs love snow, so they were thrilled to go out in it.
My poor daffodils! Oh, they will recover. Even though they bloom early they seem to survive that last burst of winter we normally receive. Thank goodness, as they are my favorite flower!
You thought I lied, right? In my last post, I told you I'd show crafty stuff and this post started out with none other than my goofy dogs. Well, don't worry. I knew you'd want something made from paper. This one is for my co-worker. She has asked me to make cards for all her family members' birthdays and this is one in the bunch. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Kim from Hiraeth said...

Those are cute dogs--and apparently SPOILED dogs! : D

(takes one to know one. . .)