Thursday, February 25, 2010

28 down....22 to go!

How do I spend my time now? Working, exercising and doing things with family. This is why I have neglected my blog. I have a goal in mind and nothing can stop me now! I have been doing Weight Watchers for 24 weeks now and am happy to say I am more than half way to my personal goal of losing 50 pounds. I have my 20th class reunion in June, so I am in high gear now. I weighed 130 pounds when I graduated and to go back looking like this would be humiliating. I won't be that small again, but I can lose pound at a time! I have been overweight for years and I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to be healthy! The benefits of changing my life will be lower cholesterol (which is still high now, but down over 20 points since Sept), a healthier heart, a nicer figure (and smaller clothes) and hopefully a longer life. My energy level has soared and I can honestly say that I LOVE to exercise. It is a great stress reliever! And believe me, life can be stressful. I'd say anyone would agree to that.
So, if you don't see me around here as much as before, just know instead of sitting on my butt, I am moving it! :) I will still share creative things. I am going to a scrapbook getaway in two weeks and hope to have lots to share from what I create that weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


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Cute! lookin good Nanny!

Jenny said...

You rock, girlfriend!!!! Lookin hip and chic!