Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Stood Still

The phone rang this past Monday at 6am. Caller ID said Samaritan Regional. That's the local hospital. On the other end was my mom. Dad was in ER after being "hot and clammy". She asked calmly if I could come right up. I raced frantically to get my bearings in the dark bedroom. I flipped on lights, managed to get dressed and throw on a ball cap. The car was iced over and Kevin frantically scraped just enough of the windows so I could drive there. My dad was having a heart attack.

Time stood still. Was he going to be ok? What prompted this? Did he have any warning signs? This was my dad! I am daddy's little girl. Time stood still. Time stood VERY still for me. I prayed silently as I watched the nurses administer the meds and follow the docs orders. I tried to understand what the doc was saying to them and tried to pick up on any clues or key words. I looked at my dad's hands, his arms, his legs, his face...every inch of him. What if he didn't make it? Should I say anything or nothing at all?

I tried to remember that God had that moment, my dad's life, everything...right in the palm of His hand. God was in control of whatever could happen to my dad. I felt calm on one hand, scared to death on the other. I just kept praying...and preparing myself for the worst.

My dad suffered a major heart attack. He was rushed to the next nearest hospital's heart clinic. His one vessel was 100% blocked and the EMT said his face and legs were blue when they arrived at my parents' house. He now has four stents in his heart. He almost didn't survive. He goes back in 2-3 weeks for a fifth stent. He has stopped smoking and will have a long road ahead with diet and lifestyle changes, plus a new regimen of medications.

God was in control even before my dad had the heart attack and right now as I type this. He is always in control. He is good...all the time. Even if my dad didn't survive this, God is still and will always be good. I am just grateful beyond words my dad has a second chance. Daddy's Little Girl has been given the blessing of more time with her dad.

He came home from the hospital today. Today is also my 38th birthday. What a gift! Thank you, Lord! Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

Now you know why my blog has been ignored this week. Time stood still. I'll get back in the swing after I catch my breath a bit. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for understanding.

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Anonymous said...

Bless you! I haven't read your blog in about a week so I was quite surprised by this entry! Wow! Quite the fright yet you managed to feel His Peace through it all! Thank God for his blessings big (like really HUGE) and small!!