Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day

Riley and Kevin were snuggling in the spare bed while Jack and I were up and at 'em Saturday morning. LOL!
In the morning, I shoveled a path for "Puppy Nascar". You can't really tell, but the snow has to be 12"-14" deep! They love to run and jump in the snow, but I also needed to provide a path for potty breaks. ha
This is what I woke up to Saturday morning. Lots of snow, drifts from the wind and a very quiet neighborhood. I couldn't believe the cars that did go by now and then. Where the heck were those nuts going?
This is later in the day after the plows had been by. Of course, that also means we get blocked in our driveway. These wonderful guys (two of them are neighbors) used the snow blower at the end of our drive. Poor Kevin had been out shoveling and he said he must have had a big pout on his face and they came to the rescue. Uh, we will have a snowblower by next year for sure!
His truck was covered, but you can see there is no snow under the truck. It had all blown and drifted against the breezeway door and up by the house. Kevin had to go out the front door and dig his way to the breezeway door to get back in. This is after the digging was done.
Later that night before the sun went down, I got a few pics of pups playing in the snow. They are so funny!
Gotta love snowy pup noses. Jack is a snow bunny!!

Here's a video of the wild animals out back! Riley forgets he's the short guy and then hops through the deep snow like Jack. Hilarious dogs! Oh and did you notice the occasional yellow snow? Gotta love big boy Jack who thinks it's cool to hike his leg on the snow bank. Now, that's what I call a "chilly willy". *giggle* I know, I know....too much information.

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