Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Claus

My mom needed a cute idea for table favors for a luncheon. I had seen a cute idea of a Santa made using punches. You can go to Dawn's blog HERE to see her version, but be sure to also click on where she got the idea from another lady named Dawn. It is on that second site where you will find instructions.
Mom makes different kinds of chocolate candies. For this idea, she made white chocolate dipped pretzels and added a cute Santa ornament.
Here is her Santa close up. she bought glittered cardstock at Joann's so she didn't have to use loose glitter. She also added the fun googly eyes instead of ones made from cardstock.
Christmas gift delivery might be delayed this year, kids! Santa got stuck in Riley's jaws tonight! ha ha He was running around with a little Santa finger puppet I have. LOL! This dog is a thief of many things...including my heart! Isn't he adorable!!??? You can't see it much, but he has on his new handsome sweater. It was a dollar, too. Love that store!
The real Santas live here. I found these silly hat/collar outfits for dogs at the dollar store. For two bucks, it was well worth the rolling belly laugh I got when they posed tonight. Of course, it took several tries and at this point I think both dogs had pulled off their hats a few times. Ready, set, pose! ha ha Jack hates dress-up time. His Momma tortures him, huh? Not. Riley is more tolerant, but Jack really detests when I do this stuff. It's scrapbook worthy so I do it!
And, now....Riley would like to sing a little tune. Ok, Riley...go for it.

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