Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ornament Exchange

I found these super glittery ornaments in a box of 20 at Wal-Mart. I have 19 co-workers so this worked out great. I simply replaced the cheapy string on each one with some nicer ribbon and added a handmade tag. I wanted to show my co-workers some Christmas cheer and this fit my budget wonderfully.
Now, here's the rest of the story. Remember I told you they were SUPER GLITTERY? Oh my goodness. If you click the picture, you can see the loose glitter that has fallen inside the clear envelopes I presented them in. I was having a serious GLITTERPHOBE moment doing these. It was BAD! I had to use almost half a roll of wet and dry paper towels trying to wipe up the loose glitter on the table. It was also on the floor, on me, on the dogs and who knows where else. I know Connie once bought me a rubber stamp that says "I am the glitter queen."....but I'm not so sure. I felt like I needed a trip to ER for some Xanax to calm my "glittery"(jittery) nerves. LOL! I was happy with the end result, but man was it hard to touch it all. Gives me the willies thinking about it now. *snicker* (I photographed these after they were contained in the clear envelopes as I couldn't bear to touch them any longer.)
For our annual Christmas dinner, Dr. D suggested we have an ornament exchange. Each person was to bring an ornament already wrapped. We all drew numbers and took turns picking an ornament or stealing one from someone who had already picked one. This is the ornament I made to take. It is a clear glass ball with strips of patterned/glittered cardstock rolled up. I added some clear sticky bling to the outside in a random pattern and tied ribbon at the top.
Ah, and there's more to THIS story, too. Since there is an ongoing joke in the office about me being a curious person and lover of Curious George, I had to play a trick. When Dr. D said the ornament we brought could be nice or a white elephant gift, I took that bull by the horns! ha This is the gift bag I put the "white elephant" ornament in to exchange. It looks quite innocent, eh? Well, see below..... LOL!!!!!!!!
The person who picked my package would receive THIS REAL BANANA "ornament". I used my paper piercer to poke the top and threaded the ribbon through with a large needle. How ingenious of me, right? Well, at least it made me giggle a lot. I have a Curious George rubber stamp set that I got ages ago in the Target Dollar Spot, so I used it to make two matching tags. I was really hoping Dr. S would get the joke banana since he aggravates me the most about my curiosity. Instead our practice manager picked it. She was actually tickled to get a real banana. If a banana stays on my desk too long at work, I give it to her. She loves ripe bananas. Well, most people got the joke right away and I was laughing the whole time. What everyone didn't know is that I had a "consolation" prize for the person who really ended up with the dumb banana. Dr. S stole it from Kathy and then Kathy stole it back eventually. So, the original person took home the banana and was delighted when she got the pretty bling ornament, too. I told everyone thanks for letting me play my joke and it was still funny how Kathy was tickled to have this dumb banana. She did eat it, too, by the way. LOL!!!!!!!! But, only after it had more freckles. Eww...I don't like really ripe ones.

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Connie said...

What a neat idea for the ornaments. You are just to creative!! Glad to see you back on here. Happy New Year!