Thursday, December 10, 2009

For a Friend

My dear friend and co-worker lost his brother unexpectedly on Tuesday. I made this card for everyone at the office to sign. Thanks, Mom, for the pretty ribbon you shared. It was perfect just when I needed to make this card. Click either pic for a closer look. Thanks for stopping by!
On a happier note...just wanted to give my Weight Watchers update. I am down 17.4 pounds now! I have a hard few weeks ahead with all the treats that will be brought into our office. I just have to keep this body movin' and try to say no! God sure has given me a lot of strength to keep pressin' on toward my goal. I just want to be free of the baggage and find a new me! I love being on the treadmill with my MP3 player that is filled with all Christian songs. He always finds a way to whisper in my ear (literally!) the words that I need to keep going strong. Thank you, Lord!

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Connie said...

So sorry to hear of your co-worker's loss.

Keep up the good work girl.