Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sorry the top pic is blurry. Haste makes waste, I guess. Click on the pic to see the details. I used flat shiny silver metal bling on the photo corners, chipboard letters, arrows punched out of coordinating paper and made a fun journaling circle. I used coordinating papers from American Crafts that I got on clearance at Archivers. It had a driving theme. Perfect! I wanted to document the first time Jack actually enjoyed riding in the car. Now he likes to ride!
Here's a somewhat dark, yet clear pic of the journaling. Tell me, oh you grammar queens....Should it be "took him and Riley" or "took he and Riley" as I have written. It doesn't sound right to me. *sigh* Somedays I wonder about myself. I think I get more hick (or dumber) the older I get and cain't tawk riiiiight!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope to share more this weekend when I have more time to post. Going scrappin' Friday from 6pm-2am! Woot Woot! Love it!

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Lisadwb said...

Cute layout!!
About your question- a simple rule is if you leave out the "and_________" does it still make sense, like yours would say "we took he to Mohican..."