Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For Coby

My best friend's husband has a birthday this weekend and I totally forgot to mail a card! So, I made this tonight and thought I'd share. The watercoloring looks horrible in these pics. Oh well. It's prettier in person. Again, poor basement photography. Ay, ay, ay......... *sigh* And the dark brown circle looks like it doesn't match. I really need summer to come so I have more natural light to work with for taking pics after work. C'mon summer! C'mon!!!
I sewed on the button to keep it more secure. This booger made the card bulky so I added extra postage and padded it with bubble wrap inside.
Ok, minus the not-so-attractive ME wearing pajamas and a headband in this picture....isn't Riley cute coming up from the basement "riding" in the basket of towels? He didn't know what to think, but also didn't try to jump out. It's the little things in life I laugh about. LOL! har har I just love his "ok-dad-hurry-up-and-take-the-picture-so-I-can-get-out-of-here" crooked smile! :)

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