Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lil' Buckeye

When Riley was tiny, he used to wear a little scarlet and gray jacket to stay warm. Now over a year later, I created a page about my Lil' Buckeye. Hard to imagine he was that tiny and had all that dark hair. His hair is so light now and he weighs a whopping 10 pounds! He's so precious. (click on pictures to see details up close) Please ignore my terrible lighting and photography for the next few days. I tried to take pics in the basement and dodge shadowing, but...I guess it is better to share what I can regardless of the lighting. At least I am posting, right? (Hi, mom! ha ha)
Mom gave me this round journaling block from Jenni Bowlin. I added tiny red rub-on letters and journaled with a pen that matched the stripe in my patterned paper.
I decided to add more little rub-on mini titles to some of the photos. I got the idea for the "shoelace" eyelet thing just because he looked all sporty in his jacket and the tiny tennis balls showed in the pics. Mr. Sporty=tennis shoes=eyelet idea, I guess. That's how my brain processed it anyway. ha
Scored this deal at Target this weekend. Two small punches for $8. They had a few different styles. Just wanted to share the FYI in case you like small punches and "need" to add some to your collection. *wink*
On Facebook last week, everyone was sharing a photo of themselves way back when. This is the one I chose. I am so blessed to have had a happy childhood, always have known I was loved and was a very happy little child. I was painfully shy, but eventually outgrew that after college. Now I can talk to strangers in a store. ha This picture was taken in front of the fireplace in my childhood home in Kentucky. I loved that doll. Her name was Pink Baby. Her face would turn and the doll had three different expressions. My sister had it, then I got it. I think she's still in my parents' basement. Ah....what a great memory of a great time when I was a wee tot. :)

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Connie said...

That was so nice of your Mom to give you a journaling block. One less she has to use. We all know how she loves to journal. Great page.