Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our 10th Anniversary

October 14th was our 10th anniversary. We celebrated a day early with a little road trip to Rockne's in Medina for some yummy food. We also stopped at the Lodi Outlet Mall and picked out some new tennis shoes for both of us and I took a quick stop in the scrapbook store. The weather was just perfect, as was the meal and shopping fun! Here's to the next 10 years!
With the sun on our backs and a smile in our hearts. We are so blessed to have each other!
Oh. my. gosh. Where is the hamburger under ALL those fries? Holy cow are they yummy! They taste like fair fries and we added salt AND malt vinegar. Yes, we ate them ALL! I brought home half of my salad just so I could share the fries! :) Kevin had never eaten there before and was super pleased with everything about Rockne's!
We also watched the big tv, as the Chilean mine rescue was happening live. Amazing!
The hostess was kind enough to take a few pictures of us inside and outside. How sweet!
This was the sky on our ride home. Wow. God is amazing! Who else could paint a sky so beautiful?!! No one but Him!
Hubby behind the wheel. I think right as I took the picture he was saying, "And, why are you taking my picture?". He is not fond of the camera pointing in his direction. LOL
We ordered dessert to go. This is what we enjoyed after we got home. He had the mini red velvet cake and I had the mini cheesecake. YUMMO! It was a tasty ending to a perfect celebration. Happy Anniversary to US! :)

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