Sunday, October 24, 2010

Croptoberfest 2010

Our friend Amy periodically hosts crops in downtown Mansfield. This Friday and Saturday my mom and I went and we had tons of fun! This was on Saturday after we had cropped 'til we dropped....or, well in my case, made cards. Amy is a sweetheart and is so generous with her events....Only $15 for two days, door prizes, etc. This is part of the usual cropping group: Connie, Joy, Holly, mom and me. Joan and Tammy couldn't make it this weekend. :( We all love to misbehave together. hee hee
Like I was saying....
Oh, and seriously....we NEVER get in trouble. Just before we took these zany pictures, two Mansfield cops got out of their cars to go into Coney Island next door. Amy said something funny to them, but they acted like they didn't hear her. Party poopers! We love our G-rated fun! Well,'s sometimes PG-rated. har har
Holly provided Stampin' Up! make-n-takes each day. She is a sweetie! In this pic is: Holly(aka Whitney), Joy (aka Gabby) and Robin.
Connie (aka Lolita) made some yummy cupcakes to share. The wrapper says "tricks and treats". If you're wondering...the "aka" nicknames are something silly we started when we first went to Zane Trace Inn a few years ago. Instead of our real names, we acted like we had different names...and they stuck! Since then, Joy and Holly have joined the craze , so they picked names, too. Connie=Lolita Layout, Joan=Bambi Bling, Natalie=Trixie Texture, Stephanie=Janie Journaling, Joy=Gabby Gadget, and Holly=Whitney White pen. Yes, we are zany...but man do we have tons of fun!!!!
Amy and Jen
Amy had a fun guessing game. Guess how many flowers, buttons, etc. in the jar...
This is the door prize table after a few things had been won. Amy has a good variety and gets such good deals on things to share at our local Ollie's store.
This is one of the many tables where croppers spread out their goodies and create wonderful layouts, cards, etc.
We even had a 90-year-old scrapping with us! This is Rose and Jackie (grandmother and granddaughter). Rose was working on heritage albums. How wonderful!
Ok, then there's the FOOD at these crops. Here, Joy was having a moment of silence in regards to the TO DIE FOR pumpkin dip. I will post the recipe below or in an additional post. Holy cow, YUMMMMMMMMMM!
And, yes...lots of "face-so-red-it-matches-your-shirt" moments were had by the Zaney Girlz! Joy is one of the FUNNIEST people I know. Her one-liners really make me laugh so hard I might need a Depends. For real! LOL!
My "usually-quiet-but-has-an-ornery-streak" mom often has tricks up her sleeve. Oh my! Momma, YOU ARE CRAZY! :) ha ha
I feel so blessed to share such good times with true friends. I hope Joan and Tammy can join us next time. And, thank you to Amy for another GREAT crop! Croptoberfest was a blast! I didn't get a picture of Megan, the Creative Memories consultant that also did a make-n-take. Oops!

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Lolita said...

Trixie, you forgot to say that Gabby/Joy was not eating the dip with a vanilla wafer. She was just eating plain. We do have a great time when we are all together. :)