Friday, June 4, 2010


My mom needed a baby card for a friend. Here's another girly, glittery card I made on Monday. It looks way cuter in person with all the bling and delicate details.
We have a sock thief in our house. If I am sorting laundry, see Riley by me one minute and then the next minute he is gone...well, he most likely stole a sock. One afternoon, he ran and ran with a sock and then I realized he was TOO QUIET. I found him sleeping on the spare bed with the sock. Too cute! Kevin must have been home, because there is his truck parked on the street. Shh...don't tell Daddy....that's his sock in the picture. ha ha I have a blanket over the duvet cover on the spare bed, since laying by that window is their favorite hangout. :) I tell ya, these dogs make me smile.

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