Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yep, it's me. Gosh, this past week or so has gone by so fast! Hmm...let's see...what have I been up to? Well, on Saturday the 5th we scrapbooked at Connie's. So much fun! Then, on Wednesday the 9th my mom had a total left knee replacement. In between all that, I've been working, weeding, exercising and doing the usual stuff. Don't faint when I tell you that my scrapbook bags are still in the kitchen. Remember I said I scrapped at Connie's on the 5th? Oh my! Guess I better get this puppy whipped into shape. I need to photograph, upload and share some pictures of things I've made. And, I think I need to take those bags downstairs now. Just checking in....see ya soon!

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