Sunday, July 31, 2011

Balloonfest 5K

Ok, so yesterday I posted a page I liked and today...well...I'm not too jazzed about this one. I really struggled trying to get all my keepsakes on the page, create a good design and journal about the event. I failed, but oh well. Can't love 'em all. I am grateful to have simply captured the memories of that event. I journaled so much that I shouldn't have to journal for a year. That's right Mom and Connie...a whole year. *giggle*
Remember, when you visit my blog you can click any picture for a closer look. Back when I first started my blog, pictures automatically appeared larger when posted. I haven't changed any settings on my camera and not sure if I changed something unknowingly on the blog, but they seem tiny now. Sorry. (edited to add: duh. double duh. I figured out my "size" issue. I have to choose small, med or large when I post the pic. I hope you all haven't gone blind and now I will fix it in future posts.)

More journaling. Don't faint...

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