Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where You Live...

When Kevin and I went to WV in May I took this picture. I just love it. It captures a moment of life where he didn't even know I was snapping the picture. This picture says a lot. It's not just about my husband, but because I know and love him I can see his contentment. I had to really think about a good title for this page. I knew it was about a man visiting a place that in his heart he calls home. He has spent a lot of time growing up on this old farm. The Scott Family farm in Smithville, WV. This is where his grandma still lives. I tried to add some rugged details to reflect the "old" and "outdoorsy" feel of this place. Notice the distressed blue jean paper (inked, torn, etc.), the random red stitches and the tattered edge on the right. I tried to choose paper that would help convey the feeling I get not only when I visit this farm, but when I look at this picture.

When I was choosing my embellishments, I happened upon this tag in my stash. The letters were too stark white, so I pulled out my light creamy peach "cat's eye" stamp pad and rubbed it over the word. came out a creamy color and blended better with the old feel of this page.

Here you can see the title better. I love those little Cosmo Cricket letter stickers. I have them in several colors and they are super inexpensive. I got them at Archivers. I used some woodgrain dimensional letters for LIVE and then carefully added some screw-like brads. Had to get some more manly details going on here. :) Overall, I was really pleased with this page. I couldn't wait to show it to Kevin and he liked it, too. That made it even sweeter!

For me, creating a scrapbook page is about the details. Sometimes less is more and sometimes I love to add just a few more touches to make it just right. I don't always make pages I love, but I love this process.

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