Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monkey in a Tree

Riley is a such a brat.  When I brought home several bags, he sniffed the PetSmart bag.  I put it on the counter.  He knew where it was and whined.  I moved it to the spare room.  He still knew where it was and whined even more.  Kevin finally said for me to give it to him as the whining was driving him nuts.  So, Riley got his stocking stuffer early....a cute little green monkey with a Santa hat.  A few days later, I put the monkey in the tree just to see what Jack would do.  Well, you'll see who the bigger brat STILL is...  LOLLLLLLL!  Towards the end of the video you can see just a portion of the many dog toys that litter our floor.  Toys, bones and old socks.  These dogs are crazy.


Connie said...

Such a good big brother. :)

JEHELB said...

this made me laugh out loud!!!!