Friday, December 16, 2011

Kathy's Cozies

I love to watch scrapbooking/craft room/stamping videos on You Tube. One day I found a video about Kathy's Cozies. I found her blog, looked at samples in her gallery and decided I "needed" some for my craft area. You can see her blog at . She was super fantastic to work with & kept up great communication via Facebook and e-mail. I received my cozies today and I can't say enough about the SUPERIOR quality of what she makes.
The gorgeous "after" look. Love it! I got cozies for my Gypsy, Cricut Expression and Cuttlebug.
This pattern is way cuter than the green color of the Cuttlebug. I love the little feature on the side where you can tie the ribbon to keep the cozy extra snug.
This is the front of my Gypsy cozy. I have a silicone cover on my Gypsy and the entire thing fits in this cozy perfectly. Kathy has paid great attention to detail with creating patterns for various things. You can get cozies in various colors and fabrics and for many many different machines. Please check out her blog for more details. That is where I found this fabric. I knew I wanted black and white. I simply told her I wanted the hot pink accents and she took care of the rest. You can customize your cozies which allows them to be so personal. Love them!
I have the whole "matchy matchy" thing going on. I am in love with black and white damask (as you can tell). Look how stinkin' adorable my Gypsy looks in its silicone cover and then tucked in the cozy. Not sure if you can tell, but she puts a cute ribbon loop and button at the top of this size cozy.
My camera is on crack sometimes. I turned off the flash and got this "magenta" tone. Anyway...I want you to see Kathy's signature detail...a HEART sew in every cozy she makes. Isn't that neat?!
I had two curious pups who needed to SNIFF my new goodies. I can't even imagine what dogs can smell on things. It must be sensory overload. LOL
My new scrapbook totes are from Thirty One gifts. I got this one free with my recent catalog party in November. See...I'm all matchy matchy with the black and white. It's the little things...

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