Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zaney Girlz March 2011

This was me with the other Zaney Girlz at Panera on Saturday. (Connie, Joan, Mom) We always get together for a planning session before we go on our scrapbook getaway. (who brings what, etc.) I just love these girlz! We are heading back to the Craft Farm again tomorrow. Sheer bliss!
My sweet co-worker Katie gave me this adorable tote today. She said it was for my trip. In this pic you can't really judge the true size but it is about 12x12 or larger. Perfect for throwing stuff in and hitting the road! She makes totes, purses, belts and mittens. This one was made from an old quilt she picked up at an auction or yard sale.
I just love this adorable button she added. She got it at JoAnn Fabrics.
The weather was so nice today that I had some windows open. Jack was intoxicated by the fresh air laying by the window in the front spare bedroom. This is his second favorite spot to watch the world go by...

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