Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tucker Pooch

Tucker is so stinkin' adorable. He is the whole reason we got Riley. When Macy died, my heart was so broken. My niece had gotten Tucker, we fell in love and went to the breeder to see the remaining pups. That's when we got Riley. He helped fill a broken part of my heart with his puppy kisses. I just love them both!

I took these pictures when I visited Julie's house in January. My mom was petsitting for two weeks and we had a little slumber party. Tucker LOVES to take naps. Did I say LOVES to take naps? Yep, he's the King...of...Naps. So, he and my mom get along REALLY well. ha ha His favorite stuffed toy is also his "pacifier" and it lulls him to sleep. What a cutie!
Click the picture to see the journaling up close. Thanks for stopping by!

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