Sunday, December 19, 2010

Riley's new jammies

All I can say is....I can't stop laughing at how stinkin' adorable this dog is in his new jammies. I would like to hug the person who invented these because in less than 24 hours I have already laughed enough to last a lifetime. Priceless!
If he looks embarrassed...well, he certainly was! He was not feeling right with his back legs covered and the thing in the back so close to his bum. He got used to them. I'm glad because I think he is just too cute. He slept in them and hung out all day Sunday in them. Kevin was kidding him and asked him, "Riley, are you going to do anything today? You've been in your jammies all day!". LOL Yes, we entertain ourselves with these pooches. LOL
Ok, take a deep breath. I know you are probably laughing so hard right now that you've got to pick yourself up off the floor. Once you do, look at the next picture.
How could you not LOVE this? I mean, come on. A little dog in candy cane pajamas is cute! Not just plain cute, but STINKIN' CUTE! HA HA HA

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