Monday, February 17, 2014

Breaking News

In March 2013, I started creating scrapbook pages about my great niece Ella.  I plan to share most all of the ones I made.  This is the first page in her album.  Her mommy and daddy used their adorable pooch as a model for the announcement.  You know how CNN always has "breaking news".  Well, I thought that title might be a cute concept for the page where they show how they announced the news to our family.  They can journal in the white area to tell the story(journaling box made with Kiwi Lane template Wacky).'s the first page of many that I plan to share.  Thanks for stopping by! (Please note: I quickly took snapshots of the layouts and most aren't cropped, etc. I hope you can still see the detail of the photo. Click on any photo for a closer look.)

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